A trailer sway control function has been added

The Ssangyong Rexton Ultimate has a good capability and it comes with decent equipment. What many people were wondering about this vehicle was how different would be from the previous version. Well, the simple answer to that is quite different. It has several new features like a chrome-clad grille and a new LED headlight. Many changes have been made both design and performance-wise, and the company wants it to have more presence and prestige and offer better strength, safety, and style.

The gearbox has been upgraded as well. It weighs less and offers better efficiency. A trailer sway control function has been added as well, we hope you already know what it is.

Changes have also been made to the interior, however not as extensive as the exterior. The digital display is now provided as standard and a redesigned center console offers a better look and more space. The vehicle range comes in two trim levels, the cheaper Ventura and slightly expensive Ultimate. The car we tested was in the Ultimate trim. The standard kit list is very impressive and contains many great features. The Ultimate trim includes more features like rear privacy glass, LED ambient lighting, and a 9.0in infotainment display. The vehicle is one of the largest SUVs available today.

If we were to tell you whether you should buy this vehicle or not it won’t be a straightforward answer. It’s a very good vehicle, especially if you live in the countryside but if you look at its price, you would expect it to be more refined. And if you consider the vehicle’s size, there are not many better options with this size. It has got a very good interior and exterior and its drivability are quite impressive too. If you didn’t like those vehicles, it’s very unlikely that you would like any other vehicle than this.

Still, if you get confused about whether or not to buy this, you can book a test drive if the company allows you. It will give you an idea about how the vehicle drives on the road and what it feels like sitting inside it.