Another version with a more potent engine

The Cupra Formentor was launched 6 months ago and now the company has launched another version with a more potent engine. Before its launch, the VZ 310 was the most powerful vehicle from the company.

According to the Seat, they will only produce 6,910 units of this model and all will be in left-hand drive form. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t bring it to the UK market. It will be sold in the UK through specific dealerships and the customers will be able to place the orders by the end of this year.

Several styling changes differentiate the vehicle from its siblings. The 20in wheels will be available as standard and it has also got upgraded brakes. There will be five driving modes including Comfort, Sport, and Drift. To run the vehicle in the drift mode, you have to switch off the three-stage electronic stability control. If you want to modify the car according to your taste, you can do this through the Individual setting.

The chassis has been retuned, as we expected, so it can easily handle the added reserves. The rear suspension has got a reduction and the front wheels have a greater negative camber. The vehicle will also have dynamic chassis control as standard. The engine can produce a good power and torque output, and compared to the engine used by the previous version, it feels more eager. The delivery is impressively linear even though it has a single turbocharger.

It can reach 62.5mph in less time than the VZ 310 as well as the Audi RS Q3. Not only the vehicle is fast, but the handling is great too. If we talk about the interior, it’s quite impressive and we were satisfied with the driving environment. The quality of materials and overall design is just like what you get in Audi’s vehicles, but there isn’t much space. The curved roof line compromises the headroom in the rear and the boot capacity is not as much as what you can get from some of the rival models.