Anticipate significant corporate moves

Thierry Bollore became the CEO of the biggest British automotive company, Jaguar Land Rover, in September 2020. Since he became the CEO, the publishers have mostly been using a corporate mugshot of him that shows him as a person that always goes for my-way or the-highway, and a compelling stare. When we interviewed him, we learned that the description is very close to the truth.

He is a very serious man, and you have to be if you are to end and a new project that cost billions and some of the best talents worked on it, and replace it with a new plan. He replaced the XJ project with the electric vehicle revival plan. But, it’s also true that in the last few years, we haven’t seen any other CEO with such a frequent smile, and who doesn’t mind explaining things in detail.

His appointment as the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover was completely unexpected. In fact, he didn’t even make the list of the Financial Times, which is known to anticipate significant corporate moves. Bollore replaced Ralf Speth, under who, the company saw immense growth and expanded its global footprint.

But he faced a big problem of weaker vehicle sales and negative earning power. Land Rover has always been a runaway success, but Jaguar has not, even though it appeals through its heritage. Speth wanted to build a BMW-like model structure and offer a car range to the customers that they admire. The company hasn’t been able to do so, this is why the new CEO wants to revive the brand by electrifying a smaller range of models.

He was surprised when he was asked to become the CEO of the company. He says he was going to New York for a different job when he received the call from the company. According to the Financial Times, he was the most experienced candidate. And that’s true, as he spent 27 years managing international automotive suppliers, and he has also led a global car company, much bigger than JLR. He says, he was very excited to lead the company. He has big plans to revive the bread, and only time will tell if he manages to achieve his goals.