Cayenne Turbo has got a rakish roof

If you are up against the top models that have taken all the hype, your best bet is to launch a very powerful vehicle. Several companies have done this before, and some succeeded with this. Now, it’s Porsche’s turn to do this, as it’s planning to launch a very powerful model that will rival the models like Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga Speed.

It will be a very powerful version of the Cayenne Turbo. It’s among the several vehicles in the Cayenne line-up set to be launched soon. In the UK, the model will be delivered to the customers starting from the end of this year. It’s the most powerful traditional vehicle of this series. It has got a modified engine that can generate good power.

The model will be available only in the Cayenne Coupé body style. It has got a rakish roof, which enables it to offer better performance and dynamics. The company is not pulling the standard model away from the market, it will remain available for purchase. According to the engineer in charge of this model, the reason why they have chosen Coupe is it offers several advantages. As compared to an SUV, a Coupe is lighter with a lower center of gravity. So it offers a perfect opportunity to the company to provide the sportiest model, rather than just a powerful one.

The vehicle will offer several amazing features like a carbon fiber-heavy active aerodynamic package. The front bumper has also been tweaked and it now features larger air ducts.

Several parts from the Lightweight Sport package are used by the new vehicle. They are available as optional equipment on the standard model. The name of the vehicle has not been announced yet as well as its curb weight. Although, it’s said to be lighter than the standard vehicle.

The engine produces good power, even more than the Audi RS Q8, which has the same engine, and a bit less than the Lamborghini Urus. The latter is among the most powerful SUVs available today. The torque output has also improved.