Chassis gets its own fully independent suspension

We have seen many restomod machines being launched in the last few years, and today we will be talking about the latest one, the JIA Chieftain. If you don’t know what restomod machines are, these machines mix both old and new technology and create a vehicle that offers classic style and modern comfort and performance.

The vehicle is manufactured by Jensen International Automotive. It’s not the first time the company is having a go at creating a reimagined Range Rover. They just took the Classic body and put it on the Land Rover Discovery 3 chassis. It did look good and performed well, but this whole process was very complicated and caused a very good amount. You had to pay a very good amount to purchase the vehicle even without the extras.

So after spending a lot of time and making great efforts, the firm has released an all-new version of the vehicle. They also made some enhancements intending to make it more comfortable.

The vehicle gets the ladder-frame chassis and it’s a new one; the first version did not have this. The chassis gets its own fully independent suspension which is much better. The machine looks good and performs well, but it’s very expensive. So many people would have a hard time even considering buying this vehicle. Even the starting price is more than the restored vehicles from Land Rover. This means if you want to get Classic Works restored cars from the brand, you can get them for a less price, but these vehicles do not perform as well as the JIA car. It’s better performance and ability-wise.

The vehicle does come with wind noise and sounds from the bodywork, but it’s only to remind the people that it’s a classic car. When you try this quick and capable machine you wouldn’t even care about the sounds.