Cupra gives off a serious display on the exterior

If Cupra’s branding is difficult to grasp, the vehicles themselves are much more straightforward. And, in this situation, it is extremely easy to impress. The Cupra Leon 2021 is a fantastic hot hatchback that is well looking, fast, a lot of fun to drive, and well equipped for the money. The Leon features amazing comfort for the passengers and aesthetics.

The actual engine sound is strongly layered with a deep synthesized burble on start-up. Particularly in the liveliest Cupra mode, which is readily accessible through one of the two copper-ringed buttons that dangle from the steering wheel. This routine is not necessary though.

The Cupra gives off a serious display on the exterior. This is good since the new external design, although very beautiful from certain angles, is not nearly as aggressive as that of the previous Lamborghini-tinged Leon.

As with virtually all contemporary performance vehicles, there are a plethora of settings to learn. Starting with Comfort and progressing through Sport and Cupra. The Cupra’s suspension may thump and squirm in bad conditions until the dampers are in or near their most relaxed position. Which is only by the skin of its teeth due to its considerably shorter springs compared to the standard Seat Leon.

Sport mode makes the ride feel brittle, and the Cupra is just terrible on British roads. We discovered that the ideal B-road combination is to leave the dampers in Comfort, put the steering in either Comfort or Sport, crack the engine into Cupra, and lastly pop the engine sound into Sport.

Cupra has only been established for five minutes, yet it is obvious that it is a brand with an identity crisis – it is simply not clear what it is really for. Fast plug-in hybrids are an unavoidable compromise, attempting to be the best of both worlds but always falling short of any of the objectives established.

It is, no doubt, a good vehicle to buy. Compared to some of the rivals, it costs less and is more spacious as well. It also has a premium appeal that makes its case even stronger. Though we are giving it four stars, we are happy it has been added to this class.