Electrical restomod version of the Manta

Stellantis wants all of its brands to offer electric vehicles only, and for this, it will invest billions of dollars in new technology by 2025. It will also create five battery factories.

The company’s brands include Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Citroen, and Ram. The company wants its low-emissions vehicles to have the largest share in its European sales by 2030. It will also offer electric vehicles in China.

They have also announced that the Manta name will be revived for a new electric vehicle. We have seen an electrical restomod version of the Manta, but the latest car would be completely different from it.

Peugeot also wants to increase the sales of its electric vehicles and by the end of 2025, it will only offer only electric vehicles. Fiat will become an electric-only brand by the end of this decade and it will launch a fully electric vehicle in 2024. It will also turn Abarth into an electric-only model. The electric muscle car by Dodge will make its debut in 2024 and a new electric pick-up will be launched by Ram.

All the company’s electric vehicles will be based around BEV-by-design platforms. Three electric drive modules will power them. You can expect their ranges to be between 270 and 480 miles. The company intends to build five dedicated battery factories in North America and Europe by the end of this decade.

According to the company’s boss, they are making a huge investment so they can offer their customers excellent models that can deliver great performance, capability, comfort, and electric range. Statements for all the brands have been released, which show their electrification approach.

The four BEV platforms will offer flexibility and component sharing. Each platform can be used to produce 1.8 million models annually. The STLA medium will offer a higher range and it will be used for premium cars. STLA large will offer the highest range it will be used for performance models and muscle cars. STLA frame will be used for larger SUVs and commercial vehicles.