Entry-level model will offer a smaller battery

The new Ioniq 5 electric crossover was launched recently and it’s ready to give Tesla a hard time. The vehicle belongs to a new family of electric cars from the company. It’s the first car in this family and you can expect other models to be launched soon including the smaller models. The Korean company is entering into the electrification era and with this model and they are entering with a bang.

The vehicle will be available in three trim levels as well as a limited launch edition. The entry-level model will offer a smaller battery and they will be available in the rear-wheel drive system. It is made possible because even a single motor will deliver a good power output. It will provide a good combined range as well as a decent speed. Many features will be available as standard including a 12.2in the touchscreen infotainment system, wireless smartphone charging, and 19in alloy wheels.

The models will also be equipped with battery technology that will enable them to offer rapid charging. In just 16 minutes, the battery will be charged from 10% to 78%. We have seen this technology before on the Porsche Taycan model. This is a good feature added to this model and it will certainly be appreciated by the customers.

The premium models also have the same battery size and rear-wheel drive configuration. If you want to get a bigger battery pack that is also possible but you will have to pay more price. If you get this pack, you will be provided with a better range. A dual-motor four-wheel drive can also be added for an additional cost; it will offer you a faster acceleration.

The vehicle rides on the new electric Global modular platform, which is an exclusively electric platform. It will also be used for the upcoming models. The model will also offer a unique look that you may not have seen in this family. The company’s group chief creative officer said that from now on, each model will have a distinctive look. He said each vehicle will come with a specific design, targeting a specific customer base.