Every unit will be as per the customer’s requirements

It’s been decades since the Lotus Type 62 race car was launched, but even today it hasn’t lost its significance. They are working with Lotus for the development of their first vehicle. The vehicle is expected to be revealed at the end of this year.

Only 62 units will be built, a number that points towards the vehicle that serves as the inspiration for the debut model. They are calling it project 62, and where its final design will be revealed later, a preview image offers some hints. Its shows that the vehicle will have the same character as the Type 62 car, and the company has also announced that it will be a mid-engined two-seater. But, it will offer the luxury and comfort that you expect from a premium and modern coachmaker.

Not many details have been revealed, but it’s certain that it will be based on Lotus technology. The company confirmed this, but we are not sure if the drivetrain from other models will be used wholesale. The company says they have already assigned some vehicles to customers. What’s interesting is that both brands were established in 1948. Anstead realizes that it’s a very good opportunity to unite the two brands. Both companies are very important British brands. He said that they are proud of the history of both companies and what have they done for the country. Radford can’t collaborate with a better company.

Jenson Button said that we shouldn’t just consider the revived Radford outfit as only a design house. As he believes it will influence the engineering decisions of the Lotus vehicles, even though the OEM partner companies are involved. He said they are working with whatever they have. Even though they have a smaller workforce and have to rely on available technology, they are making good use of it.