EVs that cannot be hitched with a trailer

Have you bought an electric car or hybrid and now you are wondering what you can do with it? You know an electric vehicle or a hybrid offers great benefits, convenience, and they are beneficial for the environment as well. But you don’t know how much these vehicles are different from the traditional vehicles when it comes to towing.

The combustion-engined vehicles are known to be used for towing and you might have used them for this purpose as well. But, can the electric vehicle or hybrid be used for this purpose? We will provide you with the answer.

A few years back, if you have purchased an electric vehicle, your expectation from it would just be to run on the battery. But now that so many electric vehicles are being launched every year, and their sales are increasing with every passing year, the expectations have increased too. Not only do people want them to cover great distances with good speed with a battery, but they also want to use them for towing purposes too.

First, we will talk about why some of these vehicles can’t be used for this purpose. It is a common perception that such vehicles should be very good at towing because they have very powerful electric motors. Some people also think that they should be better at this than the traditional vehicles. But, if you learn more about the specifications of these vehicles you will get to know that there are not many models that can be used for hauling.

You can attach them to a tow bar but most of these models don’t have the type approval. And there are several reasons for this. The specific EV Technology and range concerns play role in this, but the biggest role is of the mass.

Where there are many EVs that cannot be hitched with a trailer, there are a few that can be used for this purpose. The numbers of such vehicles are increasing every year, parallel with the increase in sales. Companies like Tesla, Audi Mercedes, and Hyundai have launched models that can be used for towing weights up to 2190kg. There are several hybrid models that can tow as well, some serve even better than the EVs for this purpose.