Expected that BMW wouldn’t want to mess

We drove the prototype of the BMW 2 Series M240i Coupé and here is what we have to say about it. The test vehicle doesn’t give much idea to how the production model would look like, but from what we have heard it’s now bigger in size.

The first-generation 2 Series Coupe from BMW was a great success. It is widely regarded as one of the finest cars of recent time. So, it was expected that BMW wouldn’t want to mess with the original formula and make as minimum changes as possible. The company’s head of driving dynamics said that they didn’t even consider offering a front-wheel-drive platform with the two-door model. It was used for the four-door 2 Series Gran Coupe.

The head engineer talked about all this before we got our hands on the prototype and get out of the brand’s driver training facility. The main purpose of testing the prototype was to determine whether it can match the hype, and assess its overall performance.

He also said that some development of the vehicle was combined with the Z4. Both vehicles have many things in common like the powertrains. He also added that both vehicles share many things and the upcoming vehicle has a more stiff body. According to him, it plays a big role in offering a precise steering experience. They have also modified the front suspension, which makes it possible to run greater negative camber. You can feel it when you drive it, he says.

The prototypes were completely disguised, see we couldn’t really get an idea of the exterior of the upcoming model. Although, it’s clear that the exterior has been modified, it’s bigger, has a larger footprint, and it has an extended wheelbase.

The company has announced that they will launch four models in this series, all could have a rear- or four-wheel drive. The models that will be launched in the UK include 220d, 230i, and 220i. A mid-range model will also be launched, but it’s not confirmed whether it will be launched in the UK. So far, they plan to launch it in specific markets.