Extensively reworked aerodynamics package

It happens very rarely that we give 5 stars to a vehicle and if we do so, it’s only because it deserves that. The latest vehicle to get a 5-star rating from us is the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm 2021. It’s the most powerful road car from the company and it’s also the most expensive one. Even the standard model costs a good amount.

Both the version of the vehicle will have only 480 units built and all will be produced under the badge GTA. It’s very likely that you may not see these vehicles in the UK, or you might see only a few of them. In fact, you shouldn’t expect them to see many of them anywhere in the world. This is the fact that we dislike about this vehicle, as we think it’s the best road car from the company.

This vehicle shows that the company can produce a performance car and compete with the top companies. The entry-level version model is the Giulia Quadrifoglio, but as you would have guessed from the price there is more to the modifications. Even at your first glance at the vehicle, you can see how many changes have been made.

The vehicle has got extensively reworked aerodynamics package that gets many Carbon fiber parts. It offers very good performance on the road just like a race car and its visible from its appearance, something which the brands like Audi Mercedes, and, BMW failed to achieve.

The vehicle involves the driver and offers a brilliant road experience. The driving experience is something that you don’t get from many vehicles, even those that come for a higher price. Even though it offers exceptional performance, it does not make any compromises in the way that we have seen from many of its competitors. It’s a brilliant fast car that can be used every day with confidence.

If you are still confused about whether you should buy this vehicle or not, you should ask yourself, how many times have Alfa Romeo competed with the companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. How many times have they launched a performance vehicle of their own style and rivaled the mighty brands? This is one of the few cases that they have done this, and we are very happy about it. The car should be appreciated, purchased, and savored.