Fiat does not even offer the radio

The 500 Electric Action 2021 from Fiat is among the best-looking cars we have seen. But looks alone are not enough to prove how good a vehicle is and they are certainly not enough reason for customers to purchase a car. In this article, we will not only talk about its design, and both interior and exteriors, but we will also talk about its features, specifications, and performance.

Where some vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class are offering illuminated seat belt buckle, this latest city car from Fiat does not even offer the radio. If you have to listen to anything, you have to plug in your phone. It’s not like that it’s the only vehicle to do so but when the company put so much emphasis on style and appeal, this fact tells you what it’s planning for the future. No matter what people say we think it works very well.

The entry-level vehicle has a small electric motor that powers the front wheels. If you get the vehicle in the action trim, you can enjoy a total range of over a hundred miles and a top speed of 82mph. If you charge the battery through a commercial charger, it can take up to 30 minutes and if you are using a home charger, it will take around 6 hours to complete the charge.

The vehicle features a simple toggle switch, which can be used to choose from the three driving modes. The company also offers a bigger battery with a total range of close to 200 miles. But if you pick this model, it will be much heavier, so if you are looking for purity then you should go for the base version.

For now, the vehicle is based on a unique platform, but it’s also possible that Stellantis, an automobile company would want to use it for more cars. The company has said that the new platform is flexible and its wheelbase can be extended which results in enhanced cross-functionality.

The traditional version of the vehicle, which was updated recently, will still be available to the customers for purchase. The company has not announced when it will pull it from the showrooms.