Five versions of the revised saloon are available

The prices have been announced for the Mercedes S-Class Saloon, which is described as one of the best cars by the company. The price starts from £78,601 and as five equipment lines are available; the higher version could cost more than £99,845.

It’s a revised saloon and it is being termed as the most technically advanced car from the company. The price for the entry-level AMG Line starts from £77,908 and the price for the range-topper AMG Line Premium Plus starts from £98,860. The price for the AMG Line Premium begins from £84,790 and Premium Executive and Premium plus versions are available from £91,872 and £96,706 respectively. The Premium Executive, Premium Plus, and Premium plus Executive trims are available on long-wheelbase models only.

The customers’ deliveries in the UK are set to begin early next year. The vehicle has been re-engineered mostly and now has a body structure lighter than the older versions. It is claimed to be 56kg lighter, but that will only be confirmed when the vehicle is provided.

The vehicle has a few rivals including the Audi A8 and the BMW 7 Series, so it was only fit to make some bigger changes and one of these changes include a new plug-in petrol-electric hybrid drive train. The model has an electric range of up to 61 miles as proved by the WLTP test cycle. The range is more than double the range of the previous model.

The company’s main focus was on electrification, but we have been told that they will carry their tradition. Since 1992, the company has provided S-Class with a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 petrol engine and it would be the same this time as well.

Allowing the company to compete with the rivals, the vehicle provides the customers with a choice of two optional rear-wheel steering systems. The new model will also be the first model from the brand to provide level three autonomous driving capability with speeds of up to 34mph. A new Drive Pilot System will also be introduced later on; it won’t be available in the earlier models. The system uses several different sensors including the lidar.