Focusing on performance with dynamic agility

Many car manufacturers have entered the electrification era and Lexus is the latest manufacturer to join them. Through its electrification program, it will start a new era from 2022, when its first fully electric car will be launched.

The company wants its future models to offer dynamic driving experiences. It will launch its second pure electric model after the UX 300e. It will also be the first model from the company to use the latest e-TNGA architecture. This architecture has been developed by Toyota and Subaru. The architecture will help them create new designs for their models and use new technological solutions. The company is hoping to attract new customers and increase its global sales.

Till the end of 2025, the company will launch 9 new models including hybrid and pure electric. They are anticipating that by 2025, electric cars will have the biggest share in their global sales. A new version of their most successful and NX cross-over will go on sale in the last quarter of this year.

The company is expecting the vehicle to be as successful as the full hybrid variant due to its new PHEV powertrain. The size and positioning of the stand-alone electric vehicle will be similar to the NX, but its style and performance levels would be different. The new architecture will be used for 7 Toyota-badged electric vehicles by 2025. The company has not announced how many of its models will still offer a traditional version.

As we saw in the LF-Z concept, the company’s first dedicated electric vehicle will sit lower to the ground and be more performance-oriented. It’s also expected to have features like angular LED headlights and a new logo. From the concept, we can also tell that the company is focusing on performance and dynamic agility.

He said that the company doesn’t want to mess with the driving experience, because no one wants to get an electric car that doesn’t offer a great driving experience. He also said that the CEO of Toyota has a great passion for sporting models and it will influence the future Lexus vehicles as well.