Induction kit with a performance panel filter

Have you ever wondered how much power is too much? If you are an engineer at Mountune, you may not care about this, because, no amount of power is enough and when you look at the new upgraded version of the Fiesta ST, this statement stands true.

The vehicle offers more power, compared to the previous versions as well as the standard version. As compared to the standard car, the power output has been increased by 4bhp. If we compare it with the four-wheel-drive Toyota GR Yaris, the latter only offers a slightly higher power output and a lower torque output.

They have modified the software well and you can download it using their Mtune Smartflash system. But, just the software is not enough to get the best out of your vehicle, you need to change hardware too. It is also recommended to get the induction kit with a performance panel filter.

All the modifications mean that the latest version is slightly better than the M235. The standard version was powerful enough, but this upgraded version is even more powerful and it can compete well with the more expensive vehicles. If it’s firepower that you are after, then, we can’t recommend a better vehicle than this, especially for this price.

This is the reason we have given the car 4.5 stars; there are not many cars that have received such a rating from us. So that tells you how highly we recommend this vehicle. It’s not much different than the M235, but if you pay extra for the upgrade, you won’t regret it. Keep in mind that if you want your vehicle to give its best performance, you need to change some of the hardware too. With the previous version, you only had to add the induction kit. It can cost you a good amount, but we think it’s justifiable for such an entertaining car.