Kia believes the EV6 is able to sell itself

No doubt it’s an era of electrification and almost every company is looking to launch as many electric vehicles as possible. Some companies have already succeeded in achieving their goals, while some are still struggling with this.

If we talk about Kia, it has done exceptionally well in the UK, as its new electric vehicle the EV6 has performed really well in the market and it has seen high sales and amazing interest from the customers. This is what has given hope to the brand that it has a very bright EV future.

The UK Government’s ban on the sale of traditional vehicles from 2030 has also forced them to move towards electrification. This year was very important in terms of this for many brands in the UK and Kia is among them.

It has recently launched the first bespoke EV and it’s doing really well in the market and customer seems to be loving it. Even though the vehicle offers more speed than the Porsche Taycan 4S and its range is more than what the Jaguar I-pace offers, it is available for a reasonable price. It’s definitely one of the factors that attracted customers towards it and it will continue to do so.

The company’s UK president Paul Philpott said that their electric vehicle, despite of being so good is not for the upper market, in fact, it completes really well with the other alike vehicles. He believes the vehicle is able to sell itself and is not afraid of the competition, this is why they have not pulled the Picanto City car from the market and it’s been sold along with the EV6 GT. This is interesting because the Picanto City car is 5 times cheaper than the electric vehicle. So the company must be really confident in the ability of the electric vehicle to sell itself.

If you are familiar with this brand, you know that it always offers vehicles for all types of customers and this is why it has a certain demand in the market. The customers going to the showroom to buy a cheaper vehicle will also be interested in the expensive vehicle standing on display nearby, but the company believes this fact has added to the company’s reputation.