Leon produces a slightly less power output

The Leon Estate is the latest vehicle from the company to receive high power treatment after two SUVs and a hatchback. The vehicle is available with both combustion and hybrid power, just like the hatch. But, only in the Wagon form, can you get all-wheel drive and range-topping power. It has a turbocharged engine, just like the Volkswagen Golf R.

It produces a slightly less power output than in the Volkswagen and also doesn’t have the drift mode, but adaptive dampers and electronic locking rear differential are offered as standard. Even though the prices have not been announced for the Volkswagen model, it is expected that the Leon Estate will be a bit cheaper.

All the versions will have 19in alloy wheels. The top-spec VZ3 cars offer features like leather upholstery. The vehicle offers much more boot space than the hatchback, in every version. The company believes the extra practicality will enable it to attract customers.

The cockpit is very similar to the one in the hatchback. It has a digital instrument cluster, sportive sports seats, and a touchscreen. The steering wheel has two oversized buttons; one can be used to change the driving mode and with the other, you can start the engine. There is also a button in the center console used to disable the traction control. They were doing preventive maintenance, which is not normally done during routine servicing.

It’s a very potent and practical vehicle that offers great features. It’s also fast and capable in most conditions. In terms of handling prowess, the hatchback has the edge, but the estate has an edge in its load-lugging ability. Both vehicles can be very quick. Deciding which vehicle to buy is really a matter of personal preference, we like both models but not everyone is a fan of the hatchback and also not everyone is a fan of the estate.