Lotus Evija rival made its debut earlier

The C_Two concept from Rimac has entered the production phase with different improvements. The product of the Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer has also got a new name and now it’s called Nevera. The concept was unveiled in 2018 and for three years it stayed in the development phase.

The vehicle has been renamed as a tribute to the storms that made landfall on the Croatian coastline. The Lotus Evija rival made its debut earlier this year. According to the company, their engineers have refined the vehicle completely. Specific and in-house developed components have been used for the new flagship. The company outlined the ambitious performance targets in 2018 and they have developed the vehicle in accordance with that.

The very powerful vehicle delivers output more than any conventional combustion engine supercar. It’s also quicker than what they had planned initially. When it’s launched, it would become the fastest accelerating production car ever.

They have made some changes to the intakes and body panels, which have improved aero efficiency. They have also boosted brake and engine cooling. The vehicle can be driven in both high downforce mode and low drag mode. The vehicle uses the all-wheel torque vectoring 2 program instead of the electronic stability and traction control systems. It allows the vehicle to channel the precise level of torque required by each wheel.

The vehicle has seven driving modes including the Driver Coach mode. It has a steer-by-wire system with different levels of driver feedback. This system can show the optimum racing lines and vehicle control. It employees sensors, radars, and cameras and according to the company, this system has not been used anywhere before.

The founder of the company stated that the vehicle’s debut is a significant moment for electric cars. He said that this car will take the hypercar market to a new level. He also said that with this vehicle, they have shown what an electric powertrain can offer if its full potential is utilized.