Machines are both vulnerable and dangerous

If you are a child, you might be a big fan of scooters, I know I was. If you couldn’t get one during your childhood, there’s nothing to be sad about, you can get one now. These scooters are designed for adults and they run at a good speed.

These machines are both vulnerable and dangerous and there are many who talk in their favor and many who are against them. In the UK, electric scooters are illegal, but you can hire them. It is not allowed to use your scooter in public, but you can rent them in about 30 areas.

Three hire companies were given permission by Transport for London including Lime and Dott. Among the three, lime is the biggest company. The San Francisco-based car-share company was founded in 2017 and initially, it allowed you to rent human-powered cycles, but now you can rent electric bikes, electric scooters, electric moped, and more. Currently, it’s operating in more than 118 cities globally including London and Paris. Tire is another similar company, operating in around 94 cities, but unlike Lime, it started with electric scooters and now it’s planning to offer electric bikes as well. Five divisions of London were part of the trial till June. More divisions are to join in July.

Now, we will talk about how you can hire an electric scooter. You have to use the their platform of the operator, complete the registration process that will include uploading your license, verifying your age, and uploading a verification selfie. You also have to give an online safety test or complete in-app training before your first ride.

Use services of each and stick to the one that offers the best services. If you couldn’t get to ride a scooter during your childhood, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from riding it now.