Managing director efforts to help the Lotus

Even though the brand didn’t have success in the last several years, as it would have wanted to, the new Managing Director is making a lot of efforts to change things around. He is doing whatever in his power to make sure the brand becomes a relevant name again in the auto world. Today, we will tell you what he has been doing and what his plans are for the future. The Managing Director before him, Phil Popham, could only manage to stay at this position for two years, although his contributions are considered as well.

What’s interesting to note here is that the managing directors before him, at least most of them, were appointed because of a change in leadership or at a time when the company was in trouble. His move to this position from being the engineering director is an orderly one. He is determined to continue the vision 80 plan that was introduced and implemented by the managing before him, Popham.

It’s because of this plan that the brand is going to get an all-new vehicle range next year, and after that, the company will shift its efforts towards electrification, and trying to increase its global sales. It would be interesting to see whether they can achieve all this and in how many years.

He is energetic, easily approachable, and contains qualities that his predecessors possessed and his CV shows that he accepts fresh challenges happily. Furthermore, he first came to Lotus in 1998 and then started working in Tesla. He also worked with other brands like Volvo and Nissan. In 2017 he rejoined Lotus and he says that after he rejoined he realize that this brand is a proper company in every term, and all it needs is good products and investment. This is exactly what they have been working on for the past few years and have finally managed to achieve.