Maserati has made a comeback to the supercar class

With the launch of MC20, Maserati has made a comeback to the supercar class. The vehicle has got everything you expect from a supercar. It offers thrill and provides an engaging driving experience, it’s fast and it looks good too. Unlike several others supercars, the latest vehicle from Maserati is easy to drive.

The company couldn’t afford to mess this project up. It has a lot at stake and this vehicle is probably one of the most significant vehicles in the history of the brand. It’s not every day that you hear a car is being labeled as the beginning of a new era for an auto company.

They want to enter a new era with this car and use this model as a standard for future vehicles. It’s the only mid-engined vehicle in this generation from the brand that was developed in-house. If anyone wants to see how important the car is, they should just learn about how it was developed.

The new supercar is different from the traditional brand vehicles. New digital processes were used to engineer the vehicle and this is the reason it was able to enter production from conception in two years. The digital processes for the new two-seater were mostly taken from Motors Sports. Computer-aided simulation and traditional toad testing were combined which allowed for rapid prototyping.

According to the vehicle line executive, it was decided at the beginning of the project that they would take a different approach from the past. Most of the vehicle development was done digitally through different collaborations; a major one with Motorsport. They not only developed the car in a new way but the engine as well.

The new car is providing a fresh start for the brand. Available for a high price, the vehicle is set to compete with models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. The production for the supercar has begun and it will be delivered to the customers in the UK this year, most probably. Initially, the road-going versions will be launched and then racing versions of the vehicle will also the available for purchase. The company intends to sell 1460 units annually.