MC20 Supercar is supposed to lead Maserati

The newly revealed MC20 Supercar is supposed to lead Maserati’s revival with electric and other variants. It will be delivered to the customers in the UK starting from the end of this year.

The vehicle will be sold with a V6 Engine, but later it will also be available with electric power. After the 2004’s MC12, it’s the first supercar produced by Maserati. With this vehicle, the company’s back to producing its own sports cars. The parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has improved the already announced product plan for the company. They have approved a new model lineup with the aim to triple the sales within the next three years. 11 new models will be launched in these years.

Speaking at the MC20’s debut, he said that they are also developing level 3 autonomous capability for the new models. Apart from this vehicle, they are also planning to launch electric versions of the new SUV and the next GranTurismo.

The vehicle is meant to take the brand in a new era and show the world that it can produce quality supercars. They also want to produce motorsport versions, but no specific plan related to this has been outlined yet.

The vehicle was designed in Modena base. Its design is somewhat inspired by MC12. The company says that through this vehicle they want to reflect their brand’s history. The genetic makeup of the company comprises performance, elegance, and comfort and this is what this vehicle represents.

Their priority was to optimize performance and they have designed the vehicle to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. They conducted over 900 fluid dynamics simulations which allowed the designers to keep the use of aerodynamic appendages to a minimum. Their focus was on performance and design and according to the company, their engineers and specialists worked on this project from the very beginning.