Mini John Cooper also falls under the category

We are used to seeing updated vehicles without any appreciatable improvements. Let’s see if the latest version of the Mini John Cooper also falls under the category of vehicles that don’t really improve.

If you look at the recent models from Mini, you would realize that the phrase, less is more, is more suited to this model than anyone else. By providing more power, more exterior features, and increasing the price, the model seems to be messing with its appeal.

It is interesting to find out whether it’s the same case with the new version of the vehicle as well. If we talk about the updates to the vehicle, there is not much to talk about. If you look at the wings and splitters body kit, you will see that they are identical to the previous versions. The vehicle comes with reprofiled bumpers which we have also seen on other vehicles. It also features a rear diffuser and the LED headlamps, but they are framed in different trim.

If we talk about the interior, it features an identical infotainment system with an 8.8-inch screen. It also features a new steering wheel and high-backed seats. The exterior comes with just a few changes, and underneath there is not much difference as well.

Whether or not should you buy the vehicles depends on whether you want to get more for less or not. Many customers love the Cooper S for exactly this, it offers great fun and lets customers save a good amount. The John Cooper Works offers almost that. It offers a more engaging and entertaining ride, as it now comes with a standard manual instead of auto. So, you will be getting more for less.

You can also get the optional eight-speed automatic gearbox, but it won’t make the drive better. In fact, you will feel like it’s going a lot slower than what the numbers show. We suggest going for the manual system, as it will offer a better driving experience, and you will be able to enjoy a decent speed.