Potential to address the problem of zero-emission

This is the Citroen Ami, the French brand’s take on a form of transportation that it thinks has the potential to address the problem of zero-emission, electric urban mobility for everyone.

Citroen’s Ami might not be the most beautiful of cars, but it performs well! The best part about this car is that it’s not a car per se. Citroen’s Ami is classified as a quadricycle, which means you don’t need a driving license to hit the roads with this machine.

While it is difficult to consider the Citroen Ami as an accomplished vehicle in the traditional sense, anything so quirky and devoid of luxury has to have its appeal. While its small size makes it ideal for tight urban driving, the lack of smoothness and low maximum speed may turn off many buyers. However, it makes a lot of sense for consumers who require temporary transportation via a cheap vehicle sharing program. Because it is classified as a quadricycle rather than a vehicle, it will be legal to drive in many nations without a full license.

This symmetry extends all the way to the doors. One is hinged from the front, the other from the rear – imagine two nearside doors connected to both sides of the vehicle. It is completely insane, but not without reason. This extensive mirroring of components all over the vehicle helps to save costs by essentially reducing the number of repair panels required – ideal for a car that is likely to be involved in many scrapes due to its location in metropolitan areas.

The interior is similarly simple, but unlike its competitors, the Ami has real doors with proper windows. There is not even a light switch; instead, the tiny LED headlights turn on when the car is turned on. It makes for a great car for any underage driver wanting to drive a car without a full driving license. Not to mention it’s environmentally friendly.

Due to the success of the Hongguang Mini EV, the convertible version has been launched. Many competitors are now trying to launch their own mini vehicles, and disturb its position as the best-selling EV. Citroen has the same hope from Ami, but we think, soon it will realize that it’s just a small part of the big game.