Power outputs with two choices of a battery size

Volkswagen has reached a new milestone by providing a global EV for the first time. The ID 4 SUV is available in different powertrains and has a pretty good range and a top speed.

The vehicle was revealed just recently by the company and it holds great importance to the company. The company aims to increase its sales with the help of the new global EV. The car will be available for sale in Europe at the end of the year and it will also be sold in the US and China.

The company hopes to sell 1.5 million EVs per year by 2025 and the ID 4 would have a good share in that. It would have 4 power outputs with two choices of a battery size. The platform used for the ID 4 is the same as the ID 3 i.e. MEB electric platform. Another version of the vehicle is also under development that would be to produce a power of 296bph.

The vehicle will be manufactured at the VW’s Zwickau plant in Germany, but it might only be just initially. The initial models will be limited first edition models, just like the ID 3. They would have a single motor and a 75kWh battery producing 197bhp and 225lb ft.

So, the initial models will have a top speed of 96mph and a range of 321 miles. They would be able to reach 63 mph in just 8.6sec. The starting price for the vehicle’s first edition would be €49,832 in Germany, but the higher version would cost more. The prices for the UK have not been decided yet, but we expect them to be announced soon. The vehicle is a very decent product, but it will up against the most affordable electric SUV in Europe, the Kia E-Niro.

The initial models to be sold in Germany would have a range of colors, a reversing camera, heating for the steering wheel and the seats, and tinted rear windows. The higher models would offer even more features including LED matrix lighting, an electrically operated boot, and a panoramic glass roof. So, if you want to get upgraded features you should consider paying more money.