Push to electrification has been accelerated

If we call this era of electrification for the auto industry, I think it would be quite right. The push to electrification has been accelerated in the last few years and today many manufacturers have officially entered the electrification era. There are many companies that are still trying to transform into to electrification phase and Volkswagen is among them. The company’s transformation to electrification is led by the chief executive officer who’s the mastermind behind the new project.

He was appointed as the CEO of the brand in June 2020. His predecessors were removed from this role because of the internal power struggle, so at that time it was believed that his aim will be to maintain the status quo. Because, even though he was appointed at this position during the situation, he got this role in a better position than the previous CEOs. His predecessors had some great challenges and they worked on some big projects.

The ID vehicles have been launched and they are enjoying great success. The company says the sales and profits of the ID cars are better than the expectations, so the company has handled this tough situation in a brilliant way.

The ex-CEO, Diess was the original mastermind behind the shifts to electrification, so it would seem that Brandstätter’s job is to just make sure the company stays on this path and does not sway away from it.

In reality, he is taking a different route. He is not only focusing on turning the brand into a company that sells only electric cars. He has introduced the accelerate strategy, according to which they will turn the company into carbon-neutral and reinvent its production network. They want to change the business model and develop vehicles that are electric, connected, and autonomous. Not only this, he wants to turn the brand into a software development company.