Retrac is a renowned manufacturing specialist

The Retrac Group is a renowned manufacturing specialist that supplies to the biggest global manufacturers in formula1, Automotive, Aerospace, and more. We decided to pay a visit to the company that’s the backbone of the famous Formula 1 industry.

From the outside, you would never get the idea of how important it is and the work that’s been happening inside. We doubt that you would even look twice if you pass by it. We are also pretty sure that you have not even heard its name. This is why in this article, we are going to tell you about the unheard, yet important part of Formula 1.

The company deals in exotic materials, composites, and component manufacture. The company is a supplier to 5 F1 teams, and some of these are based in other countries. It’s due to its core foundations in F1 that lead it to service sectors like defense, medical and automotive. The company was founded in 1972, but recently, there has been a change in ownership. The new CEO, Dan Walmsley has taken charge, replacing the late founder’s son Andy Carter.

According to Carter, the company’s involvement with F1 began in the 1980s, when McLaren and other customers asked it to manufacture parts for them. He says they were provided with the materials and drawings and it was just the beginning. Due to their business with F1, they decided to move into CNC machining and that led to a lot of investment.

They decided to move into composites in 1997, as they believed it would benefit them as well as their customers. It would allow them to offer a complete manufacturing package.

The Carter family doesn’t have a natural succession plan, this is why an outsider leading the company seems to be the right decision. The company is now owned by a clever employee trust, which means all the employees have a stake in the business. According to Walmsley, it would give their associates a sense of ownership, and they won’t consider themselves just employees.