S-Class entered a rapidly changing auto market

It’s not uncommon that you cannot decide between two vehicles. Sometimes two vehicles are offering the same features, and even if they are not, you like them both the same. So, it’s very difficult for you to differentiate between the two vehicles. If that’s true, you don’t need to worry as we are here to help you.

I am not the one to tell you when the Mercedes S-Class was first regarded as the best car. But now we are hearing the same about a new model that has entered a rapidly changing auto market. But it might not be as good as it has been claimed.

The S-Class introduced new technologies over the years and it has always been good at least one thing, which is being the finest Limousine in the world. We have not seen anyone challenging it for this position. But it always felt like that it does not fit in the company’s model hierarchy.

What’s interesting is that you are now provided with many ways to spend your money on a new Mercedes as compared to the S-Class you can get an AMG performance Saloon, GT, or sports car.

The car has always been at the top but it doesn’t mean it can easily continue to do so. A very good model will be launched in the near future. From what we have heard the new flagship model which will be launched soon will give a tough time to the S-class. The all-electric EQS, which we will see at the end of this year, will be based on an all-new model platform, which we did not see in the new S-Class. It will offer many brilliant features including and an all-digital dashboard.

Both the Bentley and S-Class are good models and offer amazing features, so it’s really up to you which vehicle you like the most and which vehicle you would like to purchase.