Some of the exterior details were hidden

The Cayenne Coupe will come with a slightly modified version of the brand’s twin-turbocharged engine and it’s expected to offer a very high power output. The vehicle has not been given a name yet. It will be available to the customers only in the Coupé body style.

If a little weight is reduced, it can become lighter than the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, which also produced a good power output. It’s soon to be revealed, but we were asked to test the prototype version. The vehicle was in some disguise, as some of the exterior details were hidden. It gets 22in Neodyme wheels, which will add to its performance ability.

The interior has been modified just slightly. Customers are not offered the new Alcantara trim that contains sports seats and contrasting stitching. It has a rotary controller using which you can select the driving mode. As soon as we got out of the factory, the first thing we realized about the vehicle is how unexceptional it drives in the traffic while in Comfort mode. There is an adaptive air suspension and only a little more that can make you think it’s not an every-day-use model.

The four-wheel steering offers improved agility when going at speed. And at lower speeds, it offers added maneuverability. If you are traveling within the city, the vehicle would seem like a blessing. It can move and turn well and offers an easy drive.

When you get to the open roads, the focus is shifted towards the engine. The tweaked engine is very good. It works well and has a smooth power delivery. It is because of these digital processes that they were able to deliver the vehicle in a short time which otherwise would have been very difficult. If you drive in the Sport mode, the speed is really good and due to the exhaust note, the experience is much better.