Taking the iconic machine for a drive

It was in 1881 that the first rechargeable electric vehicle was introduced. It was developed by the French electrical engineer Gustave Trouvé. This is its 40th anniversary and we decided to have a replica built, so we can celebrate its anniversary in the best ways possible. It’s not like we have not driven this replica more than once, but every time none of us could take it to its limit. The vehicle contains a tiller, a brake, a seat, and a motor. So yeah, you can say it’s a complete vehicle.

Whenever the history of electric motoring will be in the discussion, this invention will definitely be mentioned. It’s no doubt a very important chapter of electrification. By combining battery and motor Gustave created a tricycle that’s widely regarded as the first rechargeable EV.

He presented his machine in front of the public at the time when Queen Victoria was going to be the queen for another two decades and the first Boer war was about to end. The crowd certainly enjoyed those scenes, and they were amazed.

Patrick Chargueron, one of the descendants says that the inhabitants must have felt very odd seeing that machine, maybe as though they have seen the devil himself. One can’t think that such a machine was created and presented to the public in 1881, if you say 1900 or later, that’s more believable.

And he is right to be surprised, and you will be too if you know that people were running vehicles on electricity even before the combustion-engined vehicles were invented. There are not many people who know about this, and some might even think electric vehicles are a product of the 21st century. He combined a cycle with a motor and a battery and created a self-propelled machine. It’s a common misconception that EVs are the result of modern technology, but when you look at the machines like this, you see how wrong the concept is.