The founder runs an award-winning design studio

Niels van Roij has always been very fond of drawing boards and he has spent many years sketching and drawing. Today, he runs an award-winning design studio in London. The design studio creates one-off coach-built cars for people who want exclusivity. Even Rolls-Royce is following Niels and they have created a whole car custom build Program.

He also worked with a company known as Car Design Research. He worked for two and half years on a model that was to enter the new London taxi competition. The Turkish company Karsan was running this project and they approached him to work on the design. He was advised to work on the taxi because it was an inside-out project.

He says he has been drawing cars for as long as he can remember and his mother still has the drawings. When he first heard of the RCA, he made it his goal to go there. For this project, he worked with an optometrist, as the project was for people growing older, and he also did a lot of tactility research.

It was a confidential project, so when it ended, he didn’t have anything to show in his portfolio for his efforts. He was in a difficult position, but not for long, as one of his friends asked him if he could convert a Tesla Model S into a shooting brake for his friend. He says I was approached for it at just the right time. I knew a few people in coachbuilding and there was a coachbuilder who knew how to work on it.

He says, for such a project, the client is actually in charge. So, when I started working on this project I decided to meet that person and ask him different questions to improve my understanding of what he wanted and why.