Two technicians have restored the 360 Spider

You can’t understand the fuss about Ferrari models until you have driven one. I never drove one, until now, so I couldn’t understand what’s so special about them. But now that I have driven the 360 Spider, I understand what excites the Ferrari drivers.

Before I drove the car, I thought the clutch would be heavy and the gearbox would be hard work, but I was wrong. I also thought the suspension might be stiff, but it was supple. The ride was pretty comfortable, so I was wrong about it too. The only thing I was right about was the engine, I knew it would howl.

Finally driving a Ferrari model was a great experience and it was also amazing to know that just an hour ago, the vehicle was in a garage with its wheels and many other parts separated from it. Brakes and fuel lines, fuel pump, timing belts, power steering hoses, and more had been removed. They work at Dick Lovett, which is an official Ferrari dealer.

When we arrived, the restoration process was in the final stages and even though the vehicle looked immaculate to us, we wondered why both technicians are spending so much time restoring old model. We didn’t have to wait much to know the reason.

Some of the old parts of the car were placed on a trolley including a short length of the fuel hose. It was not in a good condition, as you can expect from such an old car, but according to one of the technicians, if the car was still to use it, the hose would have been ruptured. It is a common practice to change oil filters and plugs from time to time but brakes, fuel pumps, and more are changed only when they fail. They were replacing these parts before they fail.

It’s no secret that Ferrari owners are rich, but, are they so rich that they would spend such an amount for work that’s not entirely necessary. The model was being given the Ferrari premium treatment, so you can say that its owner must have deep pockets.