Use hybrid drivetrains taken from AMG

Aston Martin is set to move into a new era led by the new CEO. The company’s boss has outlined his plans to take the company to the next level. He has explained what steps will be taken in the coming months and years and how they will transform the brand, so it can reach new heights.

The company is currently working on two mid-engined supercars, and the Vanquished and Valhalla have become live engineering projects. The company’s CEO has confirmed this news.

He became CEO of the company in August 2020 and in his first interview after he was appointed the CEO, he has announced his plans for the British brand. He calls this plan the Project Horizon and it includes over 9 cars till 2023. The project also outlines which projects will be canceled initiated by the previous management. According to the Plan, there will be made great efforts to improve the quality and dynamic performance of the models and they have already implemented it and it’s bringing good results.

The company is entering a new era and its two main projects are Vanquished and Valhalla. It was in 2019 that both these vehicles were introduced as concept cars and they were to use the V6. But as the project has been canceled, instead of the V6 they will use hybrid drivetrains taken from AMG, as both brands have developed a technical partnership.

He said that both vehicles will look different, but still, they will be considered very cool and they will perform great. While talking about the V6, he said that huge investment was required to implement this project.

He said there is no point in putting much money into this project when there is a good alternative. The company intends to put this kind of money only into electrification, creating batteries, and expanding its portfolio. They are making continuous efforts and have made a plan to become a self-sustaining company, and they always want to carry a partnership.

According to the CEO, they can achieve this goal in 3 to 4 years. The process of expansion of the brand will start with the new hypercar that will be launched later this year in both road and track forms. Another variant will also be launched next year and it could be a convertible.